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We are very excited to have you join us this Spring Camp! Here is how you can register your child in our workshops:

1. Select the age appropriate camp for your child
Click log in
3. If you but do not have a log in, switch to the register tab and create your new log in.
4. Once logged in, you may only register age appropriate children specified on your account into our camp sessions. If the child is not of age, you will notice an “incorrect age for this event” note.

5. Camps are automatically set to register for a full week. If you wish to choose select days, click "select days" and choose your options.
6. Add to cart
7. Click “Continue Shopping” to add more children, “Purchase Camp Lunch” to add lunches for your selected days, or “Complete Purchase” to continue.

We are always here to help, please feel free to call us at 8134433824 for assistance.

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